Why Your Kid Should Use Leap Frog Leap Band

Leap Frog Leap Band is one of, if not the best, activity trackers for kids that parents love to buy for their children. Because of the unique features of this tracker, it has grown from just an average gadget that looks like a normal toy to a five-star product that both parents and kids love.

LeapFrog LeapBand Kids Activity Tracker

Health advisers recommend that every child should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity. And what better way to get a kid in motion than by using the best activity tracker for children? Here are reasons why LeapFrog LeapBand is a definite kill.

1. 50 Challenges to Get Kids on the Move

LeapFrog-LeapBand for kids
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Leap Frog Leap Band has up to 50 unique challenges for your kids. To put it in simple terms, these are games your child can play and win rewards. The challenges are designed in a way that they can get kids on the move without a reminder from parents.

2. Awards to Buy Pets and Pet Points

Kids love gifts, whether virtual or physical. The goal of Leap Frog Leap Band is to get a child active by completing a challenge. They get rewards thereafter. They can use these rewards to buy pets and pet points and continue to other challenges.

3. Track Activity with Precision

leap band kids tracker
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Yes, if you are looking for an activity tracker that can not only please your child but also track their activities with precision, try Leap Frog Leap Band.